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Transmission cooler or not..

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Just found out some good news regarding the Uhaul install...

Post by Detectorist »

The cooler and installation is guaranteed for life!!! It says so on the box.

The cooler cost $81 bucks and installation was $80. Well worth it for me..

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Re: Transmission cooler or not..

Post by SafariRob »

John, your transmission just sent me a PM...it really thinks that you're number one for adding the cooler. Really.
Futhermore, it...uh, wait a minute--I think I forgot to take my meds...I might should do that.
I'll get back to you later.

(You won't regret having the transmission cooler installed!)
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Re: Transmission cooler or not..

Post by SoCalli V8 »

What he was trying to say was that your transmission thanks you and will reward you with a longer service life.
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I am merely driving my van
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Re: Transmission cooler or not..

Post by giorgiom »

Super funny, but for anyone who's wondering if a transmission is a good idea or not, check out this article. You won't think twice about it:


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Re: Transmission cooler or not..

Post by Captn. Crunch »

So as you might have gathered , a cooler is a good thing. I saw a chart on how temp effects trans fluid. I looked quick but couldn't find it. You would be shocked at how quickly ATF fails when exposed to high heat. Keep it cool-Keep it rolling
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