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towing a dead awd van

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I am merely driving my van
I am merely driving my van
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towing a dead awd van

Post by leek »

is it possible to remove the atc fuse , leave the van in neutral and tow it with a tow dolly ?
would be towing approximately 35 miles.

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Re: towing a dead awd van

Post by Kidhauler »

NO!!! If you drop both driveshafts then yes. Even a 2wd van can't be towed with the rear tires down as the trans is not lubed properly when the engine is not running. You will take the output bearing out of the trans as well as other potential damage. I would drop the driveshafts at the axels or rent a flatdeck trailer so you have brakes.
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Re: towing a dead awd van

Post by ihatemybike »


Last time I towed an AWD, I used a tow dolly under the front wheels and disconnected the rear drive shaft at the axle. I lie to U-haul and say that I'm towing a Ford Escort or something small. They will not rent the dolly to tow an Astro, say it's too wide. It mount two donuts on the front and it fits just fine, should fit ok with one though. The bolts for the rear U joint like to be heated with a propane torch before being removed.


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