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When to Use Tow/ Haul and when not to

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When to Use Tow/ Haul and when not to

Post by completetech »

Looking for any expertise with this function of the van.

Should this be used with the van only when towing certain things or everything or say if you have a big enough load in the cargo area?

The reason I ask is that I sometimes carry cable (I do a lot of Low Voltage, e.g. networking, alarm systems, DVR's ect.) and the weight starts to really add up quickly.

So just curious as to what the Official verdict is on the Tow / Haul package on the vans.

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Re: When to Use Tow/ Haul and when not to

Post by MountainManJoe »

My verdict is press the button and see. If the van drives better, leave it on. Simple as that. :yawinkle:

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Re: When to Use Tow/ Haul and when not to

Post by Mark C. »

I decided to actually answer this question a little more acurately than the living fact bible!
As it reads from the Chevy owners manual "The tow/haul mode is a feature that assists when pulling a heavy trailer. The purpose of the Tow/haul mode is:
To reduce the frequency of shifts when pulling a heavy trailer.
To provide the same shift feel when pulling a heavy trailer as when vehicle is unloaded.
To reduce the need to change throttle position when pulling a heavy trailer."
I have played with this function with the van loaded but no trailer,I live in the mountains and every street is a hill and I found in the hills the van in tow/haul mode does not down or up shift when I think it should. I really have to step on the skinny pedal when I want a down shift,I think Chevy means it when they say "A heavy trailer". I hope this helps.
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