Notifications Not Working For Me

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I am merely driving my van
I am merely driving my van
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Notifications Not Working For Me

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I’ve checked the "Notify me when a reply is posted" button on each of my posts and so far I have yet to be notified, either by pop-ups or email. If this feature works on this forum could somebody kindly walk me through the correct process? I would much prefer email notifications. I’ve looked all through my User Control Panel but don’t see anything to this effect - maybe i’m just missing it somewhere.

2004 RWD Astro Base purchased late 2018 - 3rd time’s a charm?
2000 AWD Safari SLE purchased 2011 - hanging onto for parts and possible rebuild.
1988 AWD Safari purchased very used; replaced engine w/rebuilt; scrapped at 23 years.

Falmouth, Cape Cod, USA
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