Spark plug change

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I am merely driving my van
I am merely driving my van
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Spark plug change

Post by Debbys5749 »

Hi Guys, how goes it, just registered. I've had my 95 strol for a year now, and in dire need of a tune up.I haven't taken any time on her other than a change of oil,full synthetic,and I've run her alot. These plugs are in a tight spot, and I'm afraid I'll run into melted plug wires.if so whats the best solution? Before I got it it, she sat for 2 yrs. What do you think guys? Need some insight. Thank you...
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Re: Spark plug change

Post by MountainManJoe »

Welcome Debby.
Good plug wires don't melt.
Change the fuel filter.

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Re: Spark plug change

Post by Astrophysics »


Some of the spark plugs can be reached with the engine cover, aka dog house removed.
The forward plugs can be reached through the inner fender after removing the trim fasteners and removing the plastic flap.
Get spark plug socket and extensions and universal joints etc to get in to the tight spot.
Note: a side benefit of doing the 2 inch body puck lift is slightly better access to spark plugs.

When installing new plugs, I some times put the tip of plug in rubber hose fuel line to reach in an turn the plug finger tight prior to using rachet. This may prevent cross threading plug.

Good luck.

Cap and rotor are reachable with dog house removed. Hint: remove both front seats 1st then dog house.

Also, with dog house off you can access the Schraeder valve on the fuel rail line and connect a fuel pressure gauge.

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