Problems with heater

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Problems with heater

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I have a 2002 Astro AWD with just over a hundred thousand miles.
It's a great vehicle, but I have noticed that the heater doesn't change to all the settings.
I knew it had problems when I bought it, so checking under the hood, all the vacume hoses were rotted.
I changed all the rotten hoses and for the most part, the heater works.
I have found though, that it won't switch to the floor heat. It works in all the other positions.
Ive had the engine cowl cover off, and haven't found anything out of the ordinary, and the hose that runs to the vent under the steering column, is plugged in too.
I believe there are 2 actuators for the flapper doors. I'm wondering if one is bad. Never messed with them before, but would like some advice on a cure.
I can live with out the floor heat, but I'd like to have it work properly. I've even changed the controls, and it still won't work.
I'd appreciate any and all advice.

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Re: Problems with heater

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I don't have any first hand experience with what your dealing with but here's a diagram of the controls in a blazer. We share a lot of parts with the s10 family so it's probably not far off is it is at all
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