Van locked up/died in parking spot


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Re: Van locked up/died in parking spot

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Sounds promising.

Drive slow and leave van in 2nd gear to have compression braking.
Also, be ready to push parking brake in emergency.
Also, turn on 4 way flashers, and make sure horn works.

Good luck.


Amazingly, the large diameter steering wheel on Astro does help give one enough leverage to turn the van even without PS.

On time in 2018 , my PS pump failed while off roading. I put my 2003 Astro in low range of my np231 manual t case and tranny in 1 st gear, and crawled down the dirt fire roads to the black top parking lot. Then got AAA flat bed tow home.

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I sleep in my van
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Re: Van locked up/died in parking spot

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I went out to raise the front, turn it on and spin the front wheels to check to see if the brakes were definitely preengaging (not sure if I checked with engine on last time, and mechanic asked me to check). But first I said to myself "just give it a try; maybe it will work." for some reason. ...And strangely enough, it moves! I have no power steering and no power brakes, but it goes backwards and forwards (at least the 4 feet I tested it...won't press my luck until tomorrow when I can get a tow and the mechanic is open, in case it goes south).

There is a bit of a fluid on the ground under the front. It is a bit oily (not water) and looks like new brake fluid, but neither reddish like the PS fluid, nor dark, like my actual brake fluid that definitely needs changing. [quote]
So changing a power steering pump will be a bit of fun but you should have you’re steering and brakes back. I’ve never seen a pump fail where it causes the engine to stall but searching has shown that as a possibility. A failed pressure relief valve allowing the system to build to max pressure reaching the hydroboost. No steering and the brake system overpressurized.
The pressure has bled off allowing you to move. Diagnosis via keyboard can be problematic
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I am merely driving my van
I am merely driving my van
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Re: Van locked up/died in parking spot

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Howdy folks,

Brief update on The Unicorn. She is alive again, after replacement of the power steering pump. Brake pedal still feels a bit weird to me, but that may be just bad memory at this point, as it's been a while.

Transfer case still needs replacing, but at least she is moving again!

Thanks for all the help and thoughts!
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Re: Van locked up/died in parking spot

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Thanks for the follow up post, now we know what happened & that may help someone down the road. Glad your going again. :supz: :supz:
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