chevrolet G20 van rear axle compatibility

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I am merely driving my van
I am merely driving my van
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chevrolet G20 van rear axle compatibility

Post by chevyvanfan »

Hi to all the people here BUT i have an intriguing question to ask here it is

i need a chevyvan rear axle ( 10 bolts GM 8.6" ) for my chevyvan 20 1995 125 inches wheel base

after looking on the net for info about there compatibility abroad and there manufacturing years compatibility the only thing i found so far is that the

1975 to 1987 and the 1988 to 1995 there seams to be two type of the basically same dimensional rear axle i readed that the early ones are 28 splines axle shaft and the later ones are 30 splines axle shaft

here the question

first) can you swap the whole early rear axle assembly model to the later van model body or vice versa EX: 1980 chevyvan 20 rear axle assembly to a 1990 chevyvan 20 vehicle body

second) is there a compatibility with the C/K series chevrolet pickup truck rear axle ( or any other 10 bolts GM products application ) with the same year range EX: chevrolet C1500 pickup to 1992 chevrolet G20 van 1994

any feedback appreciated

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Re: chevrolet G20 van rear axle compatibility

Post by MountainManJoe »

As far as I know van and truck axles are not interchangeable. The offset is different. But it's easily checked with a tape measure.

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Re: chevrolet G20 van rear axle compatibility

Post by Bret Schmerker »

](*,) I suspect that your G-20 originally had an American Axle semi-float with a 14-bolt diff. The 10-bolt's too light for the job, must've been swapped in by a previous owner who didn't pay attention to the axle-weight and torque ratings.
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