Dexcool - keep or flush and swap?

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I am merely driving my van
I am merely driving my van
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Dexcool - keep or flush and swap?

Post by LittleGiant »

The van I just purchased has dexcool in it. The reservoir is a disgusting mess because I'm told it common for them to look like brown rust. I would prefer to swap out this coolant with modern day coolant. Is it that hard? From what I've read it's quite the process to flush all that gunk out of the lines. Suggestions?
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Re: Dexcool - keep or flush and swap?

Post by MountainManJoe »

Orange Dexcool is a modern day , long-life coolant. It's what GM puts in new vehicles.
If you want a clean reservoir, you'll have to remove it and scrub it out.

This is my flushing process. (it's for an Astro, but should be similar for your van):

MountainManJoe @ Flushing cooling system
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