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Re: I asked nicely

Post by astrozam »

leadtrombone's synopsis is pretty much bang on, well said.

I nor anyone else ( that I am aware of ) was shown anything to which Lumpy alluded to.

Now just to clear the air, Lumpy was not banned or kicked off the site for any comments that he made, he was simply asked to provide proof for the claims he was making and clear the air. Which he did not do.

It was his request to be removed from the site ( because he didn't believe we had the right to delete any of his posts ) and so his request has be granted and he is no longer able to participate in the Forums.
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Re: I asked nicely

Post by crash »

that's too bad it all played out this way.

too bad for the new OLV owner to have to deal with that kind of welcome.

too bad for lumpy, he seemed like a good member with a cool van, albeit a bit of a loose cannon.. i'd say that was part of his.. ummm.. charm? like his avatar with the banana's outta his ears.. oh the irony.. lol.

too bad for the members that won't get the useful contribution that lumpy was adding prior to all this.. a regular member that posts and adds info and pics are what makes a site successful.

some still don't fully understand how an internet forum truly works. what you post isn't actually yours. asking to have threads or posts deleted is at the discretion of the site admin. once you hit 'post' .. it's no longer yours. i am on many forums and it happens everywhere. in this day and age, i think people are getting way too use to the undo or delete button.

and nope leadtrombone.. not the norm at all... maybe the cliff clavin ... but not the norm :muhaha: i kid i kid :rolleyes:
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Re: I asked nicely

Post by LaGrasta »

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I have my van tatooed on my cheeks
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Re: I asked nicely

Post by LiftedAWDAstro »

timelessbeing wrote:
Lumpy wrote:Owners and moderators could have, should have, still can, read my PMs
to see that evidence.
This doesn't really make sense to me. How can withheld information cause censorship? Withheld means it didn't get out.

Did anyone receive these PMs he's talking about?
I just want to comment on what Lumpy said about PM's. I, as a moderator and an administrator, have NEVER read, looked at or CARED what anyone puts in a PM. These are private messages and I do not have the ability to read them, nor do I want to.

I am with timelessbeing on this... If info is withheld, is it really censorship if we don't know about it?
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Re: I asked nicely

Post by leadtrombone »

unless and admin or moderator was the recipient of the PM then it is like saying that the post office (or mailman for that matter) should know what was in the letter you your aunt rosie..

not the way it works.
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