Right front brake system leak


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Re: Right front brake system leak

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Great posts you guys. My Wife just popped the front line on my 2000 the other day. Rusted dead center of the front end. I've been really reluctant to get started on this as it looks like the radiator out. If I understand correctly, I don't have to remove it and if I remove the front bumper cover, it makes it a little easier? I'm going to give it a try. I've never used a flare tool, but I guess there's a first time for everything. Besides, I can use the practice since my 2004 will probably need it one of these days. Heck, if it goes well, I may just get to it before it fails (ha)! Any last words before I start? I am feeling more confident now that two of you have documented this repair. Thanks! I will try to add also for anyone in future need.
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I am merely driving my van
I am merely driving my van
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Re: Right front brake system leak

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Hey Guys, You are on my least favorite repair subject.I have done this repair numerous times on many different vehicles.The absolute easiest for me is to purchase already flaired lenghths of tubing which are available in lenghts from 6 inches to 60 and use compression connectors and adapters all of which are available at Napa.The line is easily shaped.I will usually replace all line form component to component but if your lines are healthy up to the leak you can just cut it out with a tubing cutter and install a steel compression union.In my state it must be steel and the use of brass is not legal,brass is OK for trans lines but not for brakes . Just remove what you have and match it at the store and pay attention to threads as some of the components are metric threads and others are not.Bonus that the tubing now is available with a nylon coating which should out live the life of the vehicle.I hate rusted brake lines and when I am looking at a vehicle to purchase rusted brake lines are a deal breaker or a severe price negotiaion item.Feel lucky when the leak is not behind the fuel tank.Good Luck!
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