possible big brake swap

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possible big brake swap

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OK, so I've been doing some research on this for a while and want some opinions as I may have found a cheap, easy and off the shelf way to get 13" rotors for our vans. The only thing is some custom caliper bracketry may be required, and hubs turned down as well. Here's what I know:

-A Grand Cherokee rotor of late model is 5X5 lug pattern and 13"
-The center hole is smaller than an M-vans
-The calipers are dual piston, not sure of overall area. Was also thinking about going with 'vette calipers later instead.
-16" if not 17" wheels are probably going to be an absolute requirement.

Just throwing some prelim stuff out there, if I get a chance to pull stuff off a Grand Cherokee in a JY, I'll add it to the thread. I would probably end up having to get a set of rotors cut down for mine or convert to late model sealed hubs, then get the center set up for the smaller diameter Jeep hubs. It appears as if I could do this for 3-400 if I was to buy a set of used Corvette brake parts off Evilbay. Figured I'd get someone else a chance to give it a shot if they want to try and beat me to it.
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