Cured: High Speed, Random Hesitation and Slow Starting

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I am merely driving my van
I am merely driving my van
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Cured: High Speed, Random Hesitation and Slow Starting

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For two or more years my AWD, 2002 Astro was plagued by an engine hesitation at speeds in excess of 50mph. The hesitation was not continuous; it would buck once or twice and might not reoccur for seconds or minutes or hours. It was unpredictable.
I also found that starting, while certain, took several attempts, which I took to be normal.
I tried to eliminate the hesitation with a new fuel filter, a full tune up, and the addition of fuel injector cleaners. Nothing worked. I considered replacing the distributor as has been suggested here and elsewhere on the Web; I'm glad I followed the advice of Gerald at Overland Vans and didn't.
Leaving for a thirty day road trip my fuel pump failed completely. I had it and the fuel filter replaced and continued on with a round trip from So. California to Jasper, Canada and back.
Both problems vanished. In over three thousand miles of travel the engine didn't hesitate once. Now it starts instantly and w/o the need to "give it the gas."
Apparently the fuel pump was in a failure mode for years. Who would figure...?

I get chills without my van.
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Re: Cured: High Speed, Random Hesitation and Slow Starting

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Damn Fuel pumps!!

Now it's fixed and you don't have to have those thoughts about whether or not you are going to keep the van... (not that I think those thoughts ever crossed your mind)
Here is a couple videos of my first van offroading at Tahuya WA.
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