Electric Fan Temperature Probe. Looking for available 3/8" NPT Port?

Radiator, thermostat, water pump, antifreeze, etc.
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I am merely driving my van
I am merely driving my van
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Electric Fan Temperature Probe. Looking for available 3/8" NPT Port?

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The controller on my electric fans is malfunctioning and I am about to replace it.

The replacement control unit I have on hand has a temperature probe that is a 3/8" NPT brass probe.

The instructions say:

"The temperature probe must be inserted into a 3/8" NPT port on the engine or radiator. Often the intake manifold or cylinder heads have and available port."

Does anyone know off-hand of the existence of such an "available port".

Currently I am using the probe that presses in between the ribs of the radiator, which is ok, but the other probe seems more robust and having it hard mounted into the engine somewhere seems preferable to the sorta janky radiator probe method.

I did search around on the forums and the interwebs in general but didn't come up with any clues and fully I admit that I am writing this before I go ahead and take off the dog house and do a thorough search, please forgive me.

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